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On a local level you'll find many ways that Knights are involved: running youth religious education programs, painting classrooms in Catholic schools, sponsoring community events such as Pictures with Santa, Hoop Shoot, and a St. Patrick's dance. We collect used eyeglasses for needy people at home and around the world. What we do at the local level is pretty much left up to the Knights in the local community. If they see a problem that they think they can muster the resources to solve, they attack it. No programs are mandated by the international headquarters, or Supreme Council office, in New Haven, Connecticut. No funds raised at the local level are sent to the Supreme Council, either. All funds raised stay at the local level, helping causes local Knights want to help. The principal areas of volunteer involvement through our "Surge...with Service" program can be broken down into the following categories: Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth.

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